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Creating a platform to help financial organisations match investors and investments.

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The challenge

As the UK’s leading provider of investor risk profiling for the financial services sector, Oxford Risk was used to helping large financial organisations understand investors’ risk preferences.

But as it looked to help a wider range of financial organisations use its risk profiling solutions, Oxford Risk needed a digital platform that could keep up with its clients’ exacting demands.

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Our approach

Working with Oxford Risk staff at the heart of our team, we began by defining the exact requirements of Oxford Risk’s customers.

Using that knowledge, we created a web-based investor profiling platform designed to be easily customised depending on exactly what Oxford Risk’s customers needed to understand.

And in the years since the platform launched we’ve kept working closely with Oxford Risk - adapting and extending what the platform can do as the company’s focus and success has continued to grow.

We are very excited about White October’s online solution. It’s intuitive, delivers the flexibility the market required and ultimately saves our clients time.

André Neves Correia

Business Development Director, Oxford Risk

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