The challenge

Cochrane is trusted around the world for its healthcare evidence reviews. The global network publishes a huge amount of information aimed at everyone from health commissioners and academics to the general public.

But after years of growth, the organisation’s website had lost its original clarity. We worked closely with Cochrane – and with its users – to bring back the focus on accessible health information.

Cochrane, mobile sketch interface
cochrane logo

Our approach

Rather than trying to restructure existing content, we started with a series of workshops to map out the content required and rebuild the site architecture.

We then carried out intensive user testing to make sure the site and content made sense to non-expert users, and only then started looking at which existing content could be reused.

Cochrane’s new responsive platform makes the information it produces far more accessible, meaning it’s easier for everyone to make more informed decisions about medicine and health.

Our new identity is an important part of Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020 and signals to the world our transformational change.

Julie Wood

Head of Communications and External Affairs

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  • Web design
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  • Digital product development

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