Childbirth Emergencies

A training and revision app for everyone who cares for women during labour

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The challenge

NHS trainer Hannah Hulme Hunter saw the need for a resource to help midwives and other health professionals respond to emergencies that can happen during pregnancy and labour.

So she joined forces with White October to plan and produce a mobile app focused on childbirth emergencies, with funding from the NHS Thames Valley Health Education Midwifery Innovation Fund.

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Our approach

In partnership with Hannah, we created an app focused on seven possible emergencies: maternal collapse, sepsis, eclampsia, haemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, breech birth and cord prolapse.

The app is deliberately simple, guiding users straight to the information they need. The homescreen has a button for each emergency scenario, and clicking on any of these reveals more details about symptoms, diagnostics and how to respond.

It’s also fast and responsive, and works without an internet connection. So it’s accessible anywhere and has the potential to make a powerful difference in countries where healthcare is limited.

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Having this key information readily to hand could be invaluable, especially where there are few midwives or obstetricians.

Hannah Hulme Hunter

NHS midwife trainer

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